Pattaya – Boy’s Paradise?

“It’s just a boy’s paradise,” Savavo’s bus driver Paavo sobbed at a Finnish bar. A man approaching sixty had flown to know how many vacations he had on Pattaya – in his best years he had visited twice.

“I’ve been to the Canary me, but this is Pattaya crossing out of the village. First of all, it doesn’t get cold here. Although I can remember. At least I haven’t known the cold, ”the Savannah man wondered.

The very first night, a new Thai girlfriend had taken hold of her armpit. As Paavo was telling his story, the girl arrived carrying shopping bags. The graceful woman was half as young as the man.

The bags contained six bottles of beer – and a can of bird nest soup, which Asians believe would improve male fitness.

“That girl whispers to me as a health drink. Go for gold in search of something stronger, ”the bus driver said with a happy smile.

When the woman left, SpongeBob said, “These are not one of the nightmares. The girl has washed shirts and pressed pants and takes care of it anyway. The second morning I was not able to say that I’m in love. “

At the head, the woman returned with the Viagra pills and slammed the Savannah on the cheek, “Lacquer.”

That’s it: regular Pattayan visitors don’t even say they are traveling to Thailand, but they fly to Thailand. From Bangkok airport, they take a taxi to the Wonders of Wonders, also known as Patti River, in a couple of hours. The opposite is Finland’s distant homeland, Sohjola.

The Pattijoki River has become like the valhalla of Finnish duo Valhalla, a heroic yard of Viking warriors, where an elderly worker lives his new life with a boost of potency drugs. In a few weeks’ time, everyone can be the female hero of their own lives on the Patti River.

No man in Pattaya needs to be left alone. This is guaranteed by pay companions, which is estimated to be 50 000 in Pattaya – that is, the same number as in Mikkeli residents.

The city’s reputation for sex tourism dates back to the Vietnam War, when a small fishing village grew into a “rest and relaxation center” for American soldiers. After the war, soldiers were replaced by sex tourists.

“You must be a dumb guy if you can’t find a woman here. But watch out for the ladyboy, ”says Jouko, an Eastern Finn at another Finnish bar. An avid electrician said he had been on a Pattaya trip for a few weeks every year since 1999. “As soon as you get home, you start to dream that you won’t be back soon.”

Jouko and Paavo had both come to Thailand after the women, but they did not at all look like the irresponsible exploiters that sex tourists are labeled as.

Most of the lonely Finnish men who arrive in Pattaya seem to be looking for a temporary girlfriend instead of wild sex adventures with whom they could spend their entire holiday. This arrangement is called a “guide”. In addition to providing sex, the woman introduces the man to the local customs and carries him to the sights as well as to the temples.

Indeed, Western sex tourism in Thailand is often the pursuit of dreams. Even in his fifties or sixties, he dreamed of being able to experience a “vacation romance” with a woman half his own. She dreams of a new prosperous homeland.

Dreams, however, often meet with ache.

The man falls in love with his guide and starts paying him a monthly maintenance allowance from his home country so that she no longer has to work nights. However, women continue their secret work and collect “monthly money” from several foreign boyfriends.

Or the woman departs for the man, but returns disappointed when the culture of the new home reveals itself to be too strange or the prince of dreams a toad.

There is no better way to go, even if a man moves to Thailand for a woman. Usually a man loses his money and his savings – sometimes his life – in addition to his heart.

The English-language Pattaya magazines read weekly stories of Western men in their sixties who “jumped” from the balcony of their house to death. A young man in his twenties who inherits the man’s entire estate in Thailand has survived.

Only a few relationships with a Thai prostitute seem to have a happy ending. Of course they are.

In its own way, Pattaya is an extremely fascinating place for those who are not after paid sex. It is a tropical test laboratory for out-of-town tourism, a place where only hedonism is possible, to fulfill one’s own desires. Pattaya is a sight in itself, a peek into the back of the mind, a land of sleep and fantasy. For some it is my dream, for others it is a nightmare, and for some it becomes a nightmare. But for all, it is a matter of wonder.

“I have one I once saw here such a miracle, when the girls have fought the man – and can you imagine me?” Jouko told.

The winner came along.