Law of Attraction and Relationships

Law of Attraction and Love

When you first see the Law of Attraction, you probably did not immediately realize how it applied to love and relationships. Instead, you might see it as a tool, which you can use to extract material wealth from the world. In fact, the Law of Attraction has a lot to say about relationships. It not only suggests how you should approach potential partners outside of relationships, but it also suggests how you should interact with them within relationships. In the following sections, we will consider the ways in which you can apply the Law of Attraction to romantic relationships. 

How to Find the Right Person

If you think about the Law of Attraction for more than a few minutes, it’ll become clear exactly how it suggests that you find the “right” person for you. Instead of obsessing over someone you already know, but who does not care for you—or jumping into a relationship with the first available person, what you should do is visualize who it is that you wish to be with. Think about this long and hard. Visualize this person. Should this person have very similar interests to your own? Or should this person have very different interests, so that you can share your own very different passions with each other? Answer these questions and incorporate them into your visualization. And once you do that, begin to consider how you will meet this person. Will you meet at work? Will you meet at a religious event? While you meet at conference that is related to your passion? Begin to fix these ideas; and then focus on your plan very carefully. You might not feel it immediately, but something strange will start to happen. As you meet potential partners, you’ll spend less time focusing on appearance and more time focusing on your vision. You will recall what it is that you wanted most; and quickly determine whether a potential person would be a good match for you. Furthermore, one you do find that person who satisfies your vision, you will know that it is truly who you want to be with. And instead of trembling at the thought of asking him or her out on a date, you will feel confident that you have made the right decision; and you will have no trouble doing it. 

How to Improve Romantic Relationships

The Law of Attraction makes specific suggestions about romantic relationships, too. Normally, we tell ourselves that bargaining is an important part of relationships. We assume that if we do not find ways to make our partner indebted to us, they will never willingly do things for us. Unfortunately, this can lead to very unhappy relationships in the long run. Today, we may do something that puts us at an advantage relative to our partner, but tomorrow, they may trap us into doing something that we do not want to do. Instead, follow the advice of the Law of Attraction and break free from this cycle. Make it a point to always do kind things for your partner without asking or expecting any reciprocation whatsoever. Initially, you may find it distasteful to do these activities. For instance, you may find yourself sweeping the house and washing the dishes more than you might prefer initially. But, over time, as you see how your partner responds to your selfless deed, you will feel good about it and want to do it voluntarily. Importantly, as your partner observes this, he or she will want to respond and do something equivalent for you. This positive cycle has the potential to significantly improve the quality of your relationship; and, in particular, to help you break free from the tit-for-tat cycles that often develop out of otherwise good relationships. 

How to Deal with Relationships that Don’t Work 

At several points in our lives, we find ourselves in relationships that simply aren’t meant to be. The prospective spouse may have wildly different core beliefs. Or may want to achieve truly incompatible goals. Over time, the relationship may degenerate. We may find ourselves fighting with someone who once seemed like a prospective partner over truly trivial things. Instead of parting ways and moving on with our respective lives, instead we fight bitterly and end the relationship on very poor terms. Applying the Law of Attraction, we can see that there are good alternatives to a bitter breakup, too. For instance, instead of spending each day reinforcing the idea that it is inevitable that things will get worse; and that it is inevitable that the break up will finally happen after a big fight, we can focus instead on something else. We can focus on the relationship winding down. We can visualize how we will break from the relationship without things getting bitter and without hurting the feelings of the other person. It might sound different and unusual, but there are ways to end relationships amicably and without hard feelings; and using the Law of Attraction can be one of those ways. 

How to Move on After a Failed Relationship

Not only have we all experienced a relationship that mutually did not work, but we have all experienced heartbreak at one point or another. We’re truly in love with the other person, but the other person simply wants no part in our life. This can be very devastating; and some people who experience it do not fully recover from the breakup for years to come. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to bring to mind what the Law of Attraction would suggest: positive thoughts attract positive outcomes; and negative thoughts attract negative outcomes. If you focus only on the absence of the person you once loved dearly, these thoughts will only reinforce themselves. You will become increasingly negative; and increasingly focused on this person who is no longer a part of your life. Instead, what you should do is focus on recovering, stabilizing, and finding ways to fill the void in your life that that person left. You might do this by taking a break from dating and setting work-related goals. Or you might focus on finding a new prospective partner to take the place of the other. Whatever you do, it is wise to recall the lessons of the Law of Attraction as you do it. Keep positive thoughts in mind; and focus on finding a new, suitable partner, rather than grieving endlessly with the thought that you will never recover what is hopelessly lost. 


When it comes to relationships, the Law of Attraction has more to say. It not only instructs you on how to behave within romantic relationships, but also suggests what you might be doing wrong in friendships. 

At first, your instinctive answer might be that you’re doing nothing wrong with friendships, but when you think about this longer, you might come to a different conclusion. Just think of all of the friends you have lost in the past who were supportive, kind, and loving. Why did you lose those friends? And wouldn’t your life be better if they had never disappeared to begin with? In the sections below, we will consider how the Law of Attraction suggests that you make and maintain friendships.

a. How to Make Friends

Not surprisingly, the Law of Attraction is very specific in terms of how it suggests that you make friends. Rather than suggesting that you should haphazardly fall into friendships and then maintain them once initiated, it suggests that focus, visualization, and goal-setting are key. That is, rather than simply allowing friends to fall into place in your life, you should start by setting goals. You should decide that you want to make friends; and you should think about who they will be. Will they have similar jobs? Will they have the same education or training? Will they be able to help you in a certain way? Will you be able to reciprocate? Once you answer these questions and fix yourself on a goal, it is time to focus and visualize. Imagine these friends; and visualize them coming into your life, as you meet them and interact with them in your daily life. Furthermore, as you meet new people, incorporate them into your visualizations. See how you imagine them to play a role in your life. Do they improve it? Do they make you a better person? Do they enable you to do things that you otherwise couldn’t? Of course, you can’t know all of this information in advance. As you learn more about a person, you also learn more about the role that person might play in your life. For this reason, you will have to re-visualize and make these decisions as you go. Remember, too, that the LoA would suggest that you go through the same process for existing friends. Simply because you have known a person for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean they are a positive influence on your life. If you can visualize your life improving with the constant negativity of a certain friend, you may want to either encourage that friend to become more positive; or find ways to distance yourself from the friend, so that you do not find yourself becoming increasingly cynical and negative yourself. 

b. How to Become Closer with Friends

In addition to finding friends, you will also want to use the Law of Attraction to evaluate and strengthen existing relationships. As you know well, if you don’t put enough effort into a friendship, you will drift apart from the other person; and may eventually go your own way, never to return. For this reason, you will want to use the Law of Attraction to visualize the outcomes of your friendships. Focus on which friends are valuable and could reasonably be good, long-term friends. And consider also who does not play an important role in your life; or who usually plays an overwhelming negative role. In short, decide who it is you want to get closer to; who it is you are uncertain about; and who it is you would like to distance yourself from. From there, use the power of visualization to determine how your relationships will change. Visualize yourself contacting your negative friends less frequently. Or imagine how you can interact with them in ways so that they play a strictly positive role in your life. But whatever you do, do not visualize yourself in the position you are in now—where a persistently negative friend brings you down and discourages you, and you do nothing about it. For those friends you wish to get closer to, focus on ways in which you can draw them closer. Instead of vaguely seeing how they play a role in your life, imagine how you might control the role that they play in your life, so that both you are better off for it. 

c. How to Mend Broken Relationships 

Finally, the LoA has a lot to say when it comes to broken relationships. For instance, if you have had a falling out with a close friend, but want to mend the situation, the Law of Attraction may be the right tool for the job. As always, start by fixing the goal: to mend your broken relationship. Next, visualize how you will do it. Will you contact the friend and apologize for something you have done? Or will you simply be accepting of something they did in the past, even though it hurt you deeply at the time? Walk through this process in your mind. Imagine how it will happen, how the other person might respond, and how you will stick with things until everything is worked out. Additionally, bring your abundance mindset to the table when you contact your old friend. Don’t prepare to win a battle of words. And don’t prepare to be vindicated in your prior position or in your beliefs. Instead, remember your goal: to get your friend back. And then accomplish it through visualization, focus, and follow-through. 

Finally, remember the last step of the Law of Attraction: you must be open and accepting of the results. If you even slightly begin to doubt whether you truly want your old friend back, then you may sabotage the goal before you ever get the chance to realize it.