First encounter with a dating partner

According to the results, clearly the vast majority (80%) would simply suffer from dating to the end. The second option (16%) was telling face to face that a dating partner would not like. The last two options each received only 2% of the vote. Very few would go to the bathroom in this situation and would not go back. Likewise, only 2% of respondents would ask a friend to call and lie about an emergency to get out of dating.

E-contact visitors seem to be quite polite and straightforward dating, which is great to hear! Even if a dating partner doesn’t live up to expectations in real life, it’s a challenging and embarrassing situation. It is difficult to say what would be the right way to act in any given situation. Certainly nobody wants to intentionally upset a dating partner.

But then how do you make sure you don’t get caught in this situation? First, explain to yourself what kind of partner you are looking for. What qualities do you want from him? Secondly, while appearance is not always the most important thing, you can always kindly ask someone to send pictures of themselves in addition to a possible profile picture. Third, get to know peace and quiet in a Net Dating. Only propose a face-to-face meeting when you have a strong feeling that I want to get to know this person even more!